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Infrared photographic analysis of the effect of nitrogen and phosphorus nutrition and polyploidy on tobacco ringspot virus infection

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Starzyk, Marvin J.||Lynch, Darrel L.

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M.S. (Master of Science)

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Department of Biological Sciences


Virus diseases of plants


A technique for taking close-up infrared photographs, using Kodak Ektachrome Infrared Aero Film, Type 8443, was developed that will prove to be a valuable tool in the study of virus and other types of plant disease. It was shown that infection by tobacco ringspot virus-strain 3 and treatment of bean and cucumber plants with 70 ppm nitrogen solutions resulted in reduced infrared reflectance of the leaves. Bean and cucumber receiving 630 ppm nitrogen treatment had higher infrared reflectance before inoculation. This was somewhat reduced after visible symptoms began to develop. Similar but more variable results were obtained with bean and cucumber plants that received 10 or 237 ppm phosphorus solutions. The lesions produced by TRSV-3 did not reflect infrared light. Using both color and infrared photography it was observed that only slight differences occurred in the time it takes for the spread of TRSV-3 infection from primary infective centers to other parts of the plants grown under different nutrient conditions. Symptoms developed at the same time in both the common (diploid) and the hybrid (tetraploid) species of snapdragon but they were more severe in the common strain. Apparently the tetraploid strain of snapdragon was less susceptible. The infection process was theorized to involve metabolic alterations of cells that ultimately lead to structural changes in the leaves. These alterations were then shown to be related to symptom development and changes in infrared reflectance.


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