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Maxwell, Lyle||Hillestad, Mildred C.||Woolschlager, Ruth B.

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M.S. (Master of Science)

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Private schools--Finance


This study is concerned with the income and expenditures of five selected co-educational independent schools located within forty miles of Chicago. The five schools each a four year senior high school, have enrollments of less than 500 students. One school also includes seventh and eighth grade. The purpose of the study is to determine sources of income and kinds of expenditures of various independent schools in a given geographic area so that new ideas may he discovered which might he applied to other schools as the circumstances permit. The writer hopes that through this writing on independent schools the public’s image of this type of school will be broadened. Four of the five selected schools were established because the founders felt that specific religious and moral training must be taught along with the secular. The fifth school though without a specific or doctrinal position, includes some religious and moral training in its program. Data on the five schools ware collected from personal interview with the principals and business managers of each school, and from the 1961-1962 budgets, catalogues and other literature available from each of the schools. A form, "School Data Work Sheet" was designed and used to enter the data collected from the schools. Letters were sent to five independent school organizations requesting information on the area of study. Libraries were searched for pertinent information. Various phases of the incomes and expenditures of the five schools arc studied. The expenditures were compared with corresponding data secured from a survey taken of twenty-two independent day schools and twelve independent boarding schools. All monetary data have been changed to per cents and compared in this form. Specific tuitions and student fees are listed in dollar amount, as are cost ratios and salary figures for teachers. With the rising cost of living, independent schools face increased financial pressure. Careful analysis must be made of each school's financial position. Sources of income other than from the students themselves must be found so that independent schools are not priced only for the well-to-do. Personnel with the knowledge and ability in business administration are imperative. The organization of the school and patterns of income and expenditures of each school are determined to a great extent by the controlling body, whether it is a college board of trustees or a church denomination.


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