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Clifton, Silas||Brown, Robert R. (Professor of education)||Bischof, Ledford J.

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M.S. (Master of Science)

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Department of Guidance and Counseling


Educational counseling; Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale


The counselors in the writer's high school have many standardized instruments for assessing the capabilities of students. For example, incoming freshmen are routinely given a placement examination to help determine the most effective grouping arrangements in various subjects. In general, these test results have proven to be fairly adequate indicators of future success in high school courses. Many times, however, as in the case of 11 over-achievers," "under-achievers," "discipline cases," and "problem students," these tests have obviously failed to yield sufficient diagnostic information about the "whole" child. In such a case, the youngster is then called to the Guidance Department for interviewing, further testing, and counseling. More often than not, the counselors find an emotional problem to be the cause of the difficulty. It is comparatively easy for an experienced counselor, through interviewing and/or testing, to detect the presence of an emotional problem. It is much more difficult, however, for the counselor to diagnose that problem--both qualitatively and quantitatively. At present, at least, this remains all too much a subjective process. During her graduate study, the writer became aware that just as the Rorschach is believed to yield some measure of mental ability, as well as give a reliable diagnosis of personality, so the Wechsler Scales are believed by many to yield some measure of personality information in addition to giving an IQ score.


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