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Reading; Reading (Elementary); Reading; Psychology of


The purpose of this study was to find out some implications of psychological principles for the improvement of reading instruction in Pakistan through the study of literature and observation of the reading program at the Northern Illinois University School at the fourth grade level. Important principles of teaching reading as found in the literature and as observed in the university school were: 1. Reading is thought of as a complicated process. It involves mental, emotional, physical and social factors — in short the whole individuality of the child. 2. Reading is considered to be an individual process. Each child grows in his own way and at his own rate, according to his own needs and interests. 3. Reading is supposed to be a continuous and gradual process. In spite of all the individual differences each child gradually goes through the same patterns of growth in reading with a wide variation in time at certain levels of achievement. 4. Readiness for reading should be extended upward to all grades and not to be limited only to the first grade. Readiness includes mental, social, emotional and physical readiness. All of these principles make new demands on the teacher to organise her reading instructional program in such a way as to meet the individual needs and interests of the children. Implications of these principles were observed in the University School in the fourth grade class. The writer was impressed by the ways of recognizing the individual differences through cumulative records, individual conferences and achievement tests, followed by the division of the class into small groups. Different approaches were applied to meet the different needs and interests of the children. Such approached included individualized reading through library reading and the free reading period, small group reading and total group reading. A study of the material used for reading was valuable to get some practical idea to revise the textbooks for the children in Pakistan and to prepare the workbooks and guidebooks for the teachers. Some practical suggestions have been made in recognizing the individual differences among the children, in keeping cumulative records, and for revising the textbooks in Pakistan for the improvement of reading instruction.


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