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Interest (Psychology)


The purpose of this paper is to study the relationships that may exist between interests which pupils express in school subjects and in school activities* A study of the present Interest inventories on the cumulative folders indicated they might be more valid if sore were known about the nature of academic interests. There were evidences found which show there is a relationship between abilities in various areas, and that lead to the question as to whether or not there might also be relationships between interests in various school content areas and school activity areas. Teachers are faced every day with the fact that pupils have dislikes as well as likes. They are interested in some activities and not in others. Interests are powerful forces in pupils' lives. In order to understand children better and to guide them more intelligently it is important that we understand what interest is, what interests the pupils have, how the interests develop, and how they may be fostered. Interest is defined here in terms of behavior. It is a state of being, a frame of mind, a way of reacting to a certain situation. An interest Is that field or area to which a child reacts with interest consistently over an extended period of time. We say a pupil has on interest in an activity when he finds it satisfying when he enjoys doing it and talking about it, and when he tries to do his best at it; and given the tine and opportunity he will choose to do it. It mans not only that he will choose to do it but will take part in an activity even if he must reject some other less "interesting" activity.


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