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Hispano Turkish literary, cultural, and political relations (1096-1499)

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Weiner, Jack

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M.A. (Master of Arts)

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Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures


Spanish literature--History and criticism; Turkish literature--History and criticism; Spain--Foreign relations--Turkey; Turkey--Foreign relations--Spain; Spain--Civilization--Turkish influences; Turkey--Civilization--Spanish influences


The subject of this study is Hispano - Turkish relationships and their literary, cultural, and political aspects. In addition, it explores when, where, and how the geographically distant countries, Spain and Turkey, got in touch with each other for the first time. The study begins with the first Crusade in 1096 and continues for four centuries until 1499. Investigation of the historic, cultural, and political events and encounters is in chronological order whenever possible. The twelfth and thirteenth centuries indicate very little contact between these two countries with the exception of the Poema de Feman Gonzalez and the Primera Cronica General?s presentation of the origin of the Turkish people. The activities of the Catalan Grand Company and the verse Poema de Alfonso Onceno recount the cultural and political occurrences between Spaniards and Turks for the first half of the fourteenth century. The Battle of Nicopolis in 1396 marks the real beginning of a historical relationship between Spaniards and Ottoman Turks. Enrique Ill?s embassy to Tamerlane?s court occurs in the early fifteenth century. By the mid-fifteenth century the relationship between the two countries intensifies and reaches its political climax during the sieges of Rhodes and Otranto. Moreover, the year of 1499 presents the first evidence of a Hispano - Turkish literary relationship. This study concludes with a commentary about Fernando de Rojas?s drama La Celestina and its treatment of Turks.


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