Jong K. Choi

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Joncich, Michael J.||Reynolds, Rosalie D.||Brolles, Michael J.

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M.S. (Master of Science)

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Department of Chemistry


Organic chemistry


Heats of combustion were measured by oxygen bomb calorimetry for some organic carbonates, i.e., ethylene carbonate, diethyl carbonate, propylene carbonate, vinylene carbonate, di-(p-phenylbenzyl) carbonate, as well as other organic compounds, i.e., allyl isocyanate, t-butyl isocyanate, adipic dihydrazide, sebacic dihydrazide, and tricyclo (³·⁸) decane (commonly known as "twistane"). Vapor pressures of the above compounds that occur as solids, i.e., ethylene carbonate, twistane, sebacic dihydrazide, adipic dihydrazide were determined by the Knudsen effusion method. Vapor pressures of some liquid compounds, i.e., propylene carbonate, diethyl carbonate, and vinylene carbonate were measured by using a modified manometric apparatus. Heats of formation, in the gaseous state, of organic carbonates were obtained by combination of heats of formation and heats of vaporization or of sublimation. The gaseous phase heats of formation were used to obtain the group contribution to heats of formation of the carbonate group. The heat of formation of twistane has been applied to calculate the strain energy of this polycyclic hydrocarbon.


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