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Woo, Peng-Yung

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M.S. (Master of Science)

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Department of Electrical Engineering


Robots--Control systems; Robotics; Robotics; Electrical engineering


Robot arm is a robot manipulator with similar functions of a human arm. There are many research and industrial applications where robot arm is replacing humans. This thesis aims at analyzing and achieving the human-like behavior by robot arm manipulators. Writing skills would be a significant challenge in this research. This thesis aims at developing a robot arm which can help people in writing. A pen is mounted on the end of the robot's gripper and is programmed to write down the words that are instructed to it.||The patterns of handwriting are studied, and a strategy is developed to plan the trajectory of each letter. These paths are transformed into the vector form of joint angles and robot axis position in which order and speed of the movement can be developed to imitate human hand writing. The practicality of these methods is demonstrated by using the SCORBOT-ER-4u robot arm from Intelitek. It is a five-link arm similar to a human arm and has five degrees of freedom. It is a coordinate-based robotic system with encoder feedback. The system runs on syntax-based software SCORBASE, translated to robotic actuation by proprietary control hardware. Through this thesis, it has been proven that the algorithm developed can allow the robotic arm to write. This thesis could be a stepping stone for more opportunities in advanced robotic experiments at the Robotics and Intelligent Systems Laboratory.


Advisors: Peng Yung Woo.||Committee members: Donald S. Zinger; Martin kocanda.


91 pages




Northern Illinois University

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