Rolf E. Taffs

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Briles, W. Elwood

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M.S. (Master of Science)

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Department of Biological Sciences


Chickens; Genetic recombination


During extensive immunogenetic analysis of the B complex (MHC) of the chicken conducted by W. E. Briles at Northern Illinois University, a series of eight recombinant haplotypes have been recovered (Briles and Briles, 1977; Briles, et al., 1979; Briles and Briles, 1980). Results are reported here which identify the major histocompatibility antigens acquired in each of these recombinant haplotypes. Identification of genes controlling histocompatibility antigens was performed by graft- versus-host (GVH) splenomegaly reactions. Considerable testing of both normal and recombinant haplotypes by this method has allowed determination of the histocompatibility shifts arising from recombination of genes within the B chromosome region. In addition, results of limited testing are presented which bear upon the role of antigens coded by B-F and B-G gene segments in allograft recognition. For these experiments, alloantisera raised against particular B-F or B-G alloantigens were used to treat peripheral blood lymphocytes administered as GVH splenomegaly grafts. In the course of these investigations other experiments have yielded information regarding the possible influence on GVH splenomegaly of minor histocompatibility antigens of the C blood group system. The results of these GVH splenomegaly tests indicate that B-F region genes control antigens which are involved in cellular recognition of allografts, while B-G region genes code for non-histocompatibility antigens as reported by Hala, et al. (1976). However, there are also indications that for at least some of these recombinants the site of recombination within the B chromosome region may not lie between the B-F and B-G segments, but may lie within the B-G region. Alloantigens of the C system do not appear to contribute to GVH splenomegaly reactions in this system.


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