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Briles, W. Elwood

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M.S. (Master of Science)

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Department of Biological Sciences


Major histocompatibility complex; Graft versus host reaction; Chickens--Genetics; Genetic recombination


The graft-versus-host (GVH) splenomegaly assay was used to identify the B- F/B-L regional segements among the twelve serologically identified major histocompatibility complex (MHC) recombinants. An additional objective was to detect GVH reactions that may be elicited by the three haplotypes of the Rfp-Y system. The three recombinants (ZfRl, B^, and 5^-10) that have been shown serologically to possess the B-F24 haplotype were tested against each other to determine if they were able to elicit a GVH reponse. The results indicate that these three recombinants possess the similar histocompatibility segment B-F24. Three other recombinants (B^, B^, and B& 11) that were shown serologically to possess the B-F21 histocompatibility region also gave compatible responses when they were tested against each other. The most recently identified recombinant, 5^12 was shown to contain the histocompatibility segment B-F8. The five recombinant haplotypes (B^, B^, B^, and B^) resulting from a recombination involving and B^ have been determined serologically to contain the histocompatibility segement B-F2. When these recombinants were tested against each other a single incompatible reaction was detected. The incompatible reaction occured when B^ containing cells were injected into embryos possessing the Z?R2 genotype. This incompatible reaction was weak, indicating that perhaps this mild reaction was due to some differences in non-5 histocompatibility antigens. Results of GVH splenomegaly reactions involving the Rfp-Y system demonstrated that in the scope of the testing performed, Rfp-Y does not influence GVH splenomegaly reactions. There were three weak incompatible responses after donor birds had been stimulated with foriegn Rfp-Y antigens. This mild GVH response is suggestive of possible Rfp-Y influence; however, a more plausable interpretation would be some non-B, non-F incompatibility.


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