Mounika Vanga

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Hashemian, Reza

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M.S. (Master of Science)

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Department of Electrical Engineering


Analog CMOS integrated circuits; Electronic circuits; Metal oxide semiconductor field-effect transistors


The CMOS transistors which have dimensions in Nano scale are modelled such that in a circuit like an amplifier, the original MOSFET can be replaced with the modelled circuit which gives access to the internal nodes of the MOSFET. For generating the equivalent circuit, the model components are generated from the model parameters. The models generated are tested by comparing their response to that of the original MOSFET. These modelled devices are used in generating the 3D Bode surface plots. A new method is developed which generates the 3D Bode plot. This results in including the sigma axis, along with the frequency and the magnitude axes into the plots. For this purpose WinSpice is used as circuit simulator and MATLAB is used to generate Bode surface by extracting results from WinSpice. A tool is developed which integrates Win Spice and MATLAB so that in a comprehensive ac analysis Bode surfaces are directly generated for any given analog circuit. This technique is shown to be ideal for the identification, and hence the extraction, of poles and zeros of a transfer function. The applications can be extended into analog filter design, stability analysis of control systems in high performance circuits.


Advisors: Reza Hashemian.||Committee members: Vincent P. McGinn; Mansour Tahernezhadi.||Includes bibliographical references.||Includes illustrations.


ix, 74 pages




Northern Illinois University

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