Xu Li

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Kuo, Sen M. (Sen-Maw)

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M.S. (Master of Science)

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Department of Electrical Engineering


Adaptive filters; Adaptive signal processing


In an effort to explore a better approach to improve the performance of frequency domain adaptive filter, a new transform, the Fast Hartley Transform (FHT), is proposed for the transform domain adaptive filter. This new filter was implemented on the AT&T DSP 16 digital signal processor (DSP) for real-time applications. The analysis was then taken to evaluate the use of the FHT as the transforms replacing the FFT in the frequency-domain adaptive filter (FDAF). This innovation has shown a distinct improvement by measuring the performance of the Hartley transform domain adaptive filter (HDAF) and comparing against its Fast Fourier Transform counterpart as well as its corresponding time-domain adaptive filters. This thesis presents a comprehensive description on the Hartley transform domain adaptive signal processing under the following topics of interest: the HDAF structures, properties, algorithms, and analysis; the FHT and its applications in adaptive signal filtering; the implementation of the HDAF on digital signal processor; and the performance comparisons between filter structures and transforms. There are two principal advantages to the Hartley-domain implementations of adaptive filters. First, the amount of computation required to process a fixed set of data can be greatly reduced compared with time-domain approaches. Second, the convergence properties of the adaptive process can be improved over simple gradient descent method. Other properties are also discussed. The C language and DSP assembly programs for computer simulations and the simulation results are developed in this thesis.


Includes bibliographical references (pages 61-62)


viii, 114 pages




Northern Illinois University

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