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Bisanz, Rudolf M.

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M.A. (Master of Arts)

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Department of Art


Still-life painting; French--History


Even before the Revolution in France, still life painting was considered a minor genre, the lowest rung of the Academy's "hierarchy of genres." However, throughout the period of upheaval which followed the Revolution, a number of specialists continued to produce a spectrum of still life works, many now largely forgotten. This thesis is an effort to reconstruct, through inspection of livrets and other contemporary and modern sources, the patterns of this continuation. Various factors which influenced the still life painting of the period under consideration included the Royal Academy's attitude toward the genre and French absorption of Dutch and Flemish traditions during the earlier eighteenth century. The most significant factor, however, was critical and public demand for those works which demonstrated the clarity of form and elegance of subject which conformed to the prevailing aesthetic sense. For this reason, the common kitchen utensils and foodstuffs so popular in the preceding decades are almost completely absent, and floral works and trompe-1'oeil paintings of various sorts remain to represent the genre.


Bibliography: pages [83]-88.


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