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Maxwell, Lyle||Maedke, Wilmer O.

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Business education--Illinois--Woodstock


PURPOSE. The purpose of this study is to determine the effectiveness of the business education courses offered at Woodstock Community High School with possible recommendations for improving the business curriculum. PROCEDURE. The opinionnaire survey method was used for this study. An opinionnaire was sent to 163 business education graduates who attended the Woodstock Community High School in the years 1958 through 1962; each student had taken at least three business courses to qualify as a business education graduate. One hundred and three opinionnaires, which represented a 63.19 per cent return, were completed by the graduates. SUMMARY OP FINDINGS. The three ranking positions presently held by the graduates were housewife, secretary, and student in that order. The other jobs held since high school graduation were clerk, secretary, and typist in that order. Only 20 per cent of the business graduates attended college with business education chosen as the most popular major. About 40 per cent of the respondents received additional on-the-job training in their present occupation. Office practice was the subject rated first in excellent preparation for its on-the-job values by the graduates. The graduates felt no one influenced their decision to pursue business subjects. Approximately 19 per cent of the graduates requested business English as a worthwhile addition to the business curriculum. About 53 per cent of the business graduates considered English as the most useful subject for its on-the-job values.


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