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Wright; Frank Lloyd; 1867-1959; Arts and crafts movement


In the middle of the nineteenth century an artistic and social movement arose in reaction to a rapidly changing world caused in part by developing industrialization. Although this movement, which became known as the Arts and Crafts Movement, originated in England under the tutelage of John Ruskin and William Morris, it quickly gained followers throughout the western world, including the United States. Various artists and social reformers took up its cause, which included among other things, better design standards and better working conditions for craftsmen. Frank Lloyd Wright, along with many of his colleagues, became involved with Arts and Crafts Movement in Chicago. Chicago's artistic circles of the 1890's were permeated with such ideals, and the city hosted a myriad of exhibitions and lectures by English and American Arts and Crafts leaders. Many of Wright's conceptions such as truth to materials, simplicity in design, and the marriage of all the arts in order to create an artistic whole, stem directly from his contact with this milieu. His attempts at urban planning and educational reform also had strong connections with the Movement. My thesis traces these contacts and points out how Wright's concepts and works continued Arts and Crafts ideals into the twentieth century.


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