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Yankow, Henry G.

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Public schools--Business management


Statement of the Problem: The problem was to update a previous study to forecast the need for school business managers to Northern Illinois. A questionnaire was sent to 211 selected school district superintendents in a twenty county area to northern Illinois. Districts included those with enrollments of 800 or more pupils and those districts not known to the writer to employ a full-tine business manager at the present time. The superintendents of 169 school districts responded to the questionnaire. The data received and compiled dealt with the need for a school business manager; the qualifications determined to be essential in a candidate for a school business manager's position; the methods of recruiting a business manager could be expected to assume; and the starting salary range for a full-time school business manager. Summary of Conclusions: 1. Superintendents of 57 school districts anticipate employment of a school business manager, 40 full-time and 17 part-time. 2. A college degree is an essential qualification in almost all school districts with 24.6 per cent of the districts requiring a master's degree. 3. The superintendent would require at least four years of business and/or teacher training. 4. Teaching experience would be an essential qualification in 73.0 per cent of the school districts. 5. Business experience would be required in 69.7 per cent of the districts. 5. Business experience would be required in 69.7 per cent of the districts. 6. Source of recruitment of candidates for school business managers' positions would be college or university placement offices and school business management departments in universities. 7. Purchasing, inventory control, financial reporting and budget control are the most commonly recognized areas of responsibilities assigned to school business managers. 8. Anticipated salaries for full-time business managers could range from $6,000.00 to $15,000.00 with 50.9 per cent of the districts indicating a range between $10,000.00 and 12,499.00. Summary of Recommendations: 1. Potential school business managers should receive a minimum of a bachelor's degree and preferably a master's degree. 2. Potential school business managers should pursue courses primarily in both business and education. 3. Potential school business managers should have one to four years of teaching experience and some business experience in accounting and/or management. 4. Candidates for school business management positions should contact college or university placement offices and the school business management departments of universities.


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