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An attempt has been made in Part I of this paper to pre­sent a comprehensive study of elemental fluorine. Fluorine Is discussed as any element should be studied; that is, in relation to its history, occurrence, physical and chemical properties, preparation, and uses. No attempt has been made to present a complete coverage of the compounds of fluorine, but rather to discuss the more important compounds of this element. Part II is a discussion of uranium hexafluoride. This has been included due to its importance as a means of separ­ating isotopes of U235 for the atomic bomb project. Part III is a study of anhydrous hydrogen fluoride and the acid fluoride. This compound has many uses as such and is also a very important non-aqueous solvent. The last section, Part IV, is a study of the process of fluoridation. I have included this topic due to the present interest in the subject. Included in this section is a dis­cussion of the various fluoride chemicals which can be used for placing the fluoride ion in solution.


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