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Woolschlager, Ruth B.||Maxwell, Lyle

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M.S. Ed. (Master of Education)

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Department of Business Education


Student records; High schools--Alumni and alumnae


Purpose: The purpose of this study is to survey the type of work being performed by graduates of Lyons Township High School and to elicit opinion from them regarding desirable course offerings in business education. Procedures: There were 360 questionnaires sent to the graduates of Lyons Township High School. One hundred-fourteen forms were returned completely answered. Replies were received from 292 former students. This represents 38 per cent. A follow-up was then sent to 192 students. This time 41 responses were received, with the combined returns now totaling 54 per cent, results were tabulated. Conclusions: The following conclusions are based on the findings in this study: 1. More boys should have the opportunity to take business subjects. 2. Data processing should be introduced to the business student. 3. The adult evening program needs to offer more business subjects. 4. The business community within Lyons Township should be explored by the high school in order to acquaint students with employment opportunities. 5. Typewriting should be taken by every business student. 6. The school should work closely with the parents in helping the student choose the subjects he is going to take in high school. 7. Business graduates should be encouraged to go on to college. 8. Counselors need to be presented with opportunities of business subjects for all students. 9. Students should be shown that the business world is a changing world, and that the workers have to be prepared for change. Recommendations: The recommendations made by the writer relate closely to the needs expressed in the conclusions. Additional recommendations include: 1. In counseling, students should be made aware of opportunities in the business world other than secretarial and clerical work; sales, marketing, and management opportunities need to be explored. 2. Lyons Township High School should as soon as possible set up a program to help both the graduating student and the alumnus become aware of available positions of employment in the area. 3. Another follow-up study should be conducted in five years to determine the needs of the business education department at that time.


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