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STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM: Detailed Information on current teaching situations of art majors graduated from Northern Illinois University after August, 1957 has not been available, although many changes have occurred at the University In the intervening years. This survey includes the graduates from June 1958 of the art teachers studied and their opinions pertaining to their training in art as it relates to their teaching situation. PURPOSE The purpose of this study is to investigate certain aspects of current teaching situations of recent art graduates from Northern Illinois University regarding: (1) their teaching situations, (2) graduate study, (3) future plans, (4) the attitudes of their administrators and colleagues toward their art programs, and (5) their opinions regarding academic and studio courses taken in the art department at Northern Illinois University. PROCEDURE The method of investigation is that of a survey, using the questionnaire as the instrument. The questionnaire is organized into seven sections, each composed of questions designed to elicit factual data or opinions. The questionnaire and a cover letter were mailed to 44 of the 55 art majors who graduated from Northern Illinois University between June 1958 and August 1961. A response was received from 33, or 60 percent of the art graduates. The data obtained from the returned questionnaires was divided into five sections similar to those mentioned in the purpose. CONCLUSIONS The conclusions, subject to the limitations of this study, are as follows: 1. There exists a definite interest in personal and professional improvement among the art graduates studied. 2. Student teaching was considered by the respondents as their most valuable experience in the teacher training program at Northern Illinois University. 3. The importance of the methods and materials courses offered in the art department at the University was not recognized by the respondents until they became involved in teaching art. 4. The respondents believed there exists a favorable atmosphere for training students in art education at Northern Illinois University. 5. More public schools in Northern Illinois are including an art program in their curriculum, which is taught by a special art teacher. 6. The importance of art education in the public schools of Northern Illinois is evidently recognized by the administrators and colleagues of the art teachers studied. 7. Northern Illinois University is apparently fulfilling its central purpose¹ of teacher education, for the majority of art majors who graduated from June, 1958 through August, 1961 entered the teaching profession. ¹Martin H. Bartels, "Teacher Education, The Central Purpose At Northern Illinois University" (DeKalb: Northern Illinois University Placement Bureau, March,1962), p. 1.


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