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Orem, Richard A.

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M.S. Ed. (Master of Education)

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Department of Leadership and Educational Policy Studies


Adult education teachers--Illinois--Psychology; Job satisfaction--Illinois


The purpose of this study was to determine the factors that adult basic education teachers find satisfying and dissatisfying about their jobs when one takes into account certain demographic variables. The investigative method employed was a descriptive survey in which employment affiliation, employment status, years of experience teaching adults, sex, and age were considered as independent variables in relation to fourteen items of job satisfaction or dissatisfaction. Data were gathered by the administration of the Job Factors Survey to adult basic education teachers in northern Illinois. Research question testing was done by measures of central tendencies. The study resulted in the following findings: 1. Teachers consistently rated the work itself, responsibility, personal relations with peers and achievement as satisfying factors. The opportunity for advancement was consistently rated as dissatisfying. 2. Community college and public school teachers agreed on most factors. However, community college teachers rated job security and policy and administration as dissatisfying; public school teachers rated these satisfying. 3. Full- and part-time teachers agreed on most factors. However, job security and benefit plan, satisfying to full-time teachers, were dissatisfying to part-time teachers. 4. There were similarities in the factors selected by teachers based on their years of experience, with the most experienced teachers rating more factors as satisfying. 5. Males and females were in agreement on the same factors. However, noticeable percentage differences were observed between males and females on the factors, job security, growth, and personal relations with a superior. 6. Teachers in the oldest age category indicated more satisfying factors than any other age category. The youngest age category rated three factors as equally satisfying and dissatisfying. Considering this research, there is a need to study the policies that apply to ABE teachers' career opportunities, job security, and benefit plans by institutions sponsoring adult basic education programs. The effect of salary resulted in general dissatisfaction. Larger-scale studies into the work environment of ABE volunteers should be considered, as well as for teachers employed by other than community colleges, and public schools. Research to determine what effect job dissatisfaction has on the quality of educational services delivered should be conducted.


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