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This study was undertaken to determine the characteristics of the girls age fourteen and older who re-enrolled in home economics 4-H club work for two or more years. It was also undertaken to determine factors related to their re-enrollment and the amount of influence these factors had on the girls' 4-H re-enrollment. A paper-pencil device was developed and used to gather data. Sixteen DeKalb County 4-H girls were asked to assist with the development of the device. Twenty-one home advisers, four state specialists in 4-H club work and six other persons served as the jury of expert opinion. Twelve Boone County 4-H girls participated in the pilot study. Questionnaires were mailed to all girls in Stephenson County age fourteen and older who had been enrolled in 4-H club work for two or more years. One-hundred and two usable questionnaires were returned and tabulated. The findings indicated that 4-H re-enrollees lived on a farm, were in school home economics classes, assumed leadership positions in 4-H and other organizations. They also had plans to attend school after high school graduation. Their parents also participated in the 4-H program. A total of 59.8 per cent of the participants were farm residents. A high percentage, 85.3 per cent, of the girls had been enrolled in school home economics classes. Only 6.9 per cent of the girls had not been elected to an office and 23.5 per cent had not served on a committee in their local 4.-H club. The girls had been elected to office in school, church and community organizations and were serving on committees in these organizations. Over 55 per cent of the girls had been on the school honor roll. A little over 40 per cent were planning to attend college and an additional 19.6 per cent were planning to attend school for nursing education. Parents most often furnished transportation, attended meetings and provided materials for project work as their means of participating in the local 4-H club program. Members continued to re-enroll if they had enrolled at age ten and were members of clubs with sixteen to twenty members. The girls preferred the members in their 4-H club to be girls only, but the membership of their favorite organization consisted of both boys and girls. Friends and parents had little or no influence on 4-H re-enrollment. Receiving awards also had little or no influence. However, attending club meetings had very much or much influence. Attending county, district and state 4-H meetings, other than the county fair, had little influence. Attending the county fair had very much influence on 4-H re-enrollment. Educational objectives had very much influence. Over 50 per cent of the girls indicated this response for five such objectives and 40 per cent indicated it for four objectives. The girls also re-enrolled because they enjoyed 4-H.


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