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Jaekel, Kathryn

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Ed.D. (Doctor of Education)

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Counseling, Adult and Higher Education


Higher education; Nursing


This study aimed to identify the specific needs of faculty to create, execute, and trouble shoot the technology associated with clinical simulation. How faculty experiences and the use of simulation in the clinical environment is a critical topic to explore because there seems to be a lack of training and resources to properly execute simulation. More importantly during this study, the researcher identified barriers to simulation, inconstancies in the theory to practice, and lack of motivation to attended faculty development opportunities. The central research question for this study was: What barriers do faculty encounter regarding the use of simulation and technology in a nursing classroom? This project employed qualitative case study because it afforded the researcher tools to explore how faculty use and understand technology to educate their students. Data collection consisted of interviewing and observing seven undergraduate nursing faculty members who actively participate in simulation. Interviews were audio recorded and transcribed while field notes were taken during the observation. During data analysis, three emerging themes were identified. Three themes emerged from the data collection including faculty barriers, lack of knowledge of theory to practice, and lack of quality faculty development. Recommendations to address these themes include more formal education, better use of time in the simulation center, and the need for leadership to become more involved in simulation.


Advisors: Kathryn Jaekel.||Committee members: Jorge Jeria; Carrie Kortegast.||Includes bibliographical references.


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