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Loughlin, Leo J.||Ogilvie, William K.

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M.S. Ed. (Master of Education)

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School of Educational Administration


Teachers--Handbooks; manuals; etc


The purpose of this study was to prepare a teachers’ handbook for Monroe Center Grade School, Monroe Center, Illinois. A void existed in the orientation program of the school showing a definite need for an accurate and continuing method of providing information to the school staff. A broad Board of Education policy existed, but it provided information only in general terms as a framework for the board’s administration of the school. The method of making the study involved the collection of materials from authoritative sources located in the Swen Parson Library of Northern Illinois University. Handbooks were obtained from administrators of schools in Illinois for a comparison of materials and format. Advice was solicited from the county superintendent and administrators of local schools for advice relating to suitable materials for inclusion in the handbook. The teachers worked as a committee with the superintendent in selection of appropriate materials and in the organization of the contents. As the handbooks arrived, they were studied as to contents and format. Materials were categorized for classification under proper headings. A comparison was made of the authorities, and where they were in agreement on specific ideas, these ideas were incorporated into the handbook. The authorities were of the opinion that with a careful selection of information and a carefully worded manual, the orientation program of any school would be advanced. The handbook could serve the administrator as a review of the school program, the teachers would be happier and more content in accurately knowing how and when to perform their duties. New teachers would be provided guidance for quicker adaptation to their new positions. The following criteria were formulated to serve as a guide for the development of the teachers' handbook: 1. The handbook should be designed for a particular school. 2. It should provide guidance for the new teachers. 3. It should provide a review of procedures for experienced teachers. 4. It should be developed cooperatively by the administrator and the staff. 5. It should be written concisely In simple English. 6. It should contain information on school routine. 7. The contents should be arranged according to some classification system. 8. It should be bound and printed in a manner that would provide for insertion of supplementary materials. 9. It should state administrative policies, rules and regulations. 10. It should provide for periodic review and revision of the handbook. The authoritative sources confirmed the opinion that handbooks are a definite aid to administrators and teachers alike. They should be devised cooperatively by the teachers and administrative staff to meet the needs of a particular school system regardless of size. Discouragement of teachers can be counteracted, and more teachers retained in the educational field.


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