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Barber, Larissa K.

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Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy)

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Department of Psychology




College students are often unprepared for the job market after graduation resulting in employment lapses or underemployment in terms of minimum wage jobs. Yet limited research exists on how to provide effective job search interventions for this unique population of new job entrants balancing academic and job search activities. Therefore, I examined the efficacy of a technology-mediated job search intervention for undergraduate students (N = 112). Drawing on motivation, job search processes, and past intervention theory and research, I tested if an online job search intervention improved: 1) job search self-efficacy, 2) career adapt-ability resources, and 3) job search behavior frequency and quality. Results from the longitudinal intervention design with random assignment to condition did not identify significant increases in self-efficacy, concern, curiosity, confidence, or control from pre-intervention to one month after the intervention. The intervention also reduced the overall frequency of effort, preparatory job search behavior, and active job search behavior. However, exploratory analyses identified a significant concern by curiosity by control interaction on job search behaviors. When participants reported high control, mismatches between concern and curiosity (i.e., low/high, high/low) predicted less effort and fewer preparatory and active job search behaviors. Implications of this study for future research and intervention designs are discussed.


Advisors: Larissa K. Barber.||Committee members: Lisa Finkelstein; Alecia M. Santuzzi.||Includes bibliographical references.||Includes illustrations.


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