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Department of Electrical Engineering


T1 Span Design Tool (Computer program); Engineering instruments--Computer programs; Interactive multimedia; Interactive multimedia


A new engineering utility, called the T1 Span Design Tool, has been developed to provide one location for finding reference information about telecommunication span implementations. The information that the T1 Span Design Tool provides is easily accessible and therefore saves time. Most importantly, the T1 Span Design Tool facilitates the testing of an existing span for the purpose of isolating and repairing faults. The engineering tool operates in the DOS environment and is user friendly. The emerging technology of interactive multimedia was used to create the T1 Span Design Tool. Interactive multimedia has the ability to be incorporated in areas other than information dissemination and training. The T1 Span Design Tool is a unique multimedia user/computer/test fixture interface developed for engineering purposes. This project illustrates the use of interactive multimedia for the application of aiding communications craftspeople in the deployment and testing of equipment. It is the incorporation of interactive multimedia into a useful technological package instead of an information gathering mechanism or an instructional instrument that is original, singular and noteworthy. The material presented in the paper contains background information which centers on the telecommunications network environment, network equipment deployment and network span operation. The paper focuses on the new interactive multimedia technology, the typical uses of multimedia technology and the use of multimedia authoring software. The paper covers the developmental steps taken in the creation of the T1 Span Design Tool with a multimedia authoring package. A user's manual for the T1 Span Design Tool is also provided giving step-by-step instructions on operating the T1 span Design Tool. The T1 Span Design Tool authenticates the conclusion that interactive multimedia is adaptable for many applications including the engineering field.


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