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Stehr, B. W.||Crank, Floyd L.

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M.S. (Master of Science)

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Occupations; Performance standards


The purpose of this study was to survey selected business firms and industries in Canton, Ohio, to determine practices used in the selection of office personnel to enable the teachers of the Business Department of St. Thomas Aquinas High School to do a more effective job of preparing the business students to be competent and poised when they venture out on their initial business interviews. A questionnaire was developed to obtain the required information and mailed to the 72 firms listed in the Vocational Directory. A cover letter explaining the purpose of the survey and a self-addressed envelope for ease in returning the instrument accompanied each questionnaire. One week after the questionnaires were mailed, a telephone call was made to those firms which had not replied to the questionnaire. Three weeks after the first telephone call, a second call was placed to those firms which failed to return the questionnaire. As a result of the original letter and follow-up telephone calls, 65 firms responded. The significant findings and conclusions of this study were as follows: (l) applicants for a typist's position should be able to type a minimum of 50 words per minute on straight-copy material for five minutes with five errors or less; (2) applicants for a stenographer's position should be able to take dictation for five minutes at a rate of 80 words per minute; (3) the typewriting and shorthand standards set by the Business Department are consistent with those established by the business firms in Canton; (4) graduates of St. Thomas Aquinas High School have adequate preparation on those office machines used most frequently in business in the Canton area; (5) employers want mature applicants who have a solid foundation in English; (6) with the exception of business communications, it appears that the business subjects offered at St. Thomas Aquinas High School are meeting employer recommendations; and (7) the variation in the pre-employment testing areas indicates that the tests are designed for the needs of a particular firm.


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