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Shaffer, John C., 1938-2017

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M.S. (Master of Science)

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Department of Physics


Semiconductors--Computer simulation; Silicon; Zinc sulphide; Gallium compounds


The effects of point defects on the electronic and optical properties of semiconductors is a very large field of research in solid state physics. The goal of the project was to study the effect of Frenkel defects in silicon(Si), zinc sulphide(ZnS) and gallium phosphide(GaP). The research was based on a theoretical model(computer model) of a lattice. The model was a program written in Fortran77.The program was written so that it could simulate a crystal lattice structure where the size of the lattice and density of defects could be changed and the perturbation due to the defects can be calculated. This main objective of this thesis is to study the effect of these defects on the energy band structure of extrinsic Si, ZnS and GaP assuming that all the donor levels were shallow donors. The basis for the thesis is laid by reviewing the theory of the effective mass approximation of shallow donor states, energy of formation of Frenkel defects and finally running the program for different parameters such as concentration of defects, size of lattice and type of material.


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