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Haji-Sheikh, Michael J.

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M.S. (Master of Science)

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Department of Electrical Engineering


Electrical engineering; PIN diodes--Simulation methods; Silicon diodes--Simulation methods; Photodiodes--Simulation methods; Optoelectronic devices


The main objective of this thesis is to design a 100micromx520microm PIN and SDD photodiodes in 2D Luminous: optoelectronic device simulator and study their characteristics. Firstly, simulations are performed at room temperature with the monochromatic light of 1um and optical power densities of 1, 10, 100 microm/cm2. It was found that the photocurrent increases with the intensity of light. SDD diode has sideward electric field that causes increase in the photo-generation current. The simulation results show that the SNR of SDD is 1.6 times greater than that of PIN diode and the responsivity (A/W) of SDD is 1.6-1.75 times greater than that of PIN diode at different optical intensities of light (W/cm2). Secondly, simulations are performed at various temperatures like 15, 25 and 50 °C on the same design. This showed that with the increase of temperature the leakage current increases. It is found that when the sideward electrode of SDD diode is biased at -50V, then it has a higher breakdown voltage of 550V than PIN diode that has a breakdown of 90V. And, it is also observed that the power dissipation (W) in SDD is 1.4- 1.6 times more than that of PIN photodiode. The simulation results are confirmed with the practical values of the PIN photodetector fabricated in the clean room by Dr. Haji-Sheikh, Dr. Ross and Dr. Gregg, professors of Northern Illinois University.


Advisors: Michael J. Haji Sheikh.||Committee members: Martin Kocanda; Donald S. Zinger.


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Northern Illinois University

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