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Thistlethwaite, Robert L.||Casebier, Eleanor||Nelson, J. H. (Professor of business)

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This study is an attempt to discover which of three major areas of college study that agency managers in the life insurance field believe would be most appropriate and useful for the student aspiring to be a life insurance salesman. The three major areas of college study which this inquiry is concerned with are: a specialized business administration, generalized business administration and liberal arts curricula. Within the area concerned with a specialized business administration curriculum, an attempt is made to find out whether the agency managers have an order of preference for management, marketing, finance, and accounting. Also, within the areas of general business and liberal arts, an attempt is made to obtain preferences with reference to various courses. Other sub-problems arising as a result of this study and investigated concurrently with it include the opinions of agency managers concerning: influence various curricula might have in passing qualification tests which agency managers sometimes use; educational backgrounds preferred, required, mid the educational levels attained by those salesmen actually working for the agency managers; what college graduates think of the life insurance sales career; and if any other curriculum beside business administration or liberal arts would be more appropriate for the academic background of life insurance salesmen. The data were collected for this problem by distributing a questionnaire schedule form to a sample of agency managers. This form was designed to supply answers to those questions stated in the problem. Both opinion and factual answers were required to complete the questionnaire. All of the agency managers in the sample were chosen from & booklet published by the Illinois life Underwriters Association. The title of this publication is the Membership Directory and Handbook 1960~196l. The universe for the study consisted of agency managers who are listed in this directory as having offices within the boundaries of Chicago, Illinois. Several interesting facts are uncovered in an analysis of the data collected. Among these facts it is shown that many agency managers preferred a generalized business administration curriculum rather than the specialized business administration and the liberal arts curricula. Also it is shown that a growing number of college graduates are entering the life insurance sales field. The study analyzes these and other results in detail.


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