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Jeria, Jorge

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Ed.D. (Doctor of Education)

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Department of Counseling, Adult and Higher Education


Lindeman; Eduard; Adult education; Social service


While examining Eduard C. Lindeman's views on professionalism in adult education and social work, this research traces the historical development of the two fields and investigates the connection between them. Through an archival investigation of primary resources, the research examines the life, times, and work of Eduard C. Lindeman, a pioneer in both social work and adult education. It explores his effort to integrate the developing fields of social work and adult education in his own work and life between 1916 and 1953. The study discusses how, through lectures and articles, Lindeman tried to influence the developing social work profession to incorporate adult education as a social work method and how he attempted to mold adult education into a social action movement rather than a profession. Lindeman was a public intellectual and a transitional man. His popularity on the lecture circuit and in the popular press as well as his professional contributions to social work and adult education provide a wealth of information showing the ambiguities and ambivalence that may have shaped these fields at the late 20th century. This dissertation has relevance to both the fields of adult education and social work. Lindeman was an instrumental figure in both fields and this study shows how his philosophies and work continue to have significance for adult education and social work in the new millennium. Lindeman's views on professionalization can provide insight and guidance for the field of adult education today.


Includes bibliographical references (pages [191]-212).


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