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Witkowski, Stanley Raymond, 1941-

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M.A. (Master of Arts)

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Department of Anthropology


Indonesian language--Translating


This paper adopts a cultural approach to translation in order to formulate a more successful theory of translation. Part 1 discusses language and culture and general considerations of translation. Translators and translation theories traditionally treat the mechanics of translation and ignore the cultural issues involved. Because language and culture are so highly intertwined, it is very important to consider culture when translating. To demonstrate the important role culture can play in translation Parts 2 and 3 discuss translation of Indonesian to English. Various elements of the two cultures involved could conceivably affect the interpretation of a text or message. Translators must be sensitive to obvious differences between the two in material culture and experience as well as to more subtle underlying differences in social organization and symbolic culture. A cultural approach to translation increases the likelihood of successful communication across languages.


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