Jiang Lan

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Cunningham, Phyllis M.

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M.S. Ed. (Master of Education)

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Education--China--History--1949-1976; Brainwashing--China; China--History--Cultural Revolution; 1966-1976


The May 7 Cadre School (1968—1978) was an educational institute for cadre education during the Cultural Revolution—the period when China was undergoing great turbulence. This study describes the purposes and practice of the May 7 Cadre School, and probes the education at the May 7 Cadre School from its philosophical foundation, psychological process, its probable effects on China's economical development, and its value as an "educational revolution." This study critically analyzes the May 7 Cadre School concerning the above issues. The purpose of this study is to bring to light the hidden curriculum of the so-called educational revolution, and in doing so, to explore what role the May 7 Cadre School played in Chinese society during the Cultural Revolution. The study resulted in the following findings. First, the philosophical foundation for the May 7 Cadre School was one that did not meet the needs of the country. Second, the curriculum of the school was not organized around sound adult principles. Third, from a microcosmic view, participants of the May 7 Cadre School wasted several years of their life; from a macrocosmic view, China's economic development appears to have suffered great damage. Finally, under the banner of "educational revolution," education was used to implement indoctrination, obscurantism, and even political persecution. The utimate purpose of the May 7 Cadre School was to enforce social control. The conclusion of this study is that the elimination of the May 7 Cadre School showed the need of cadre education to be organized and implemented so as to meet the needs of Chinese society.


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