Nicole Dorio

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Demaray, Michelle K.

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M.A. (Master of Arts)

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Department of Psychology


Psychology; Education


One well established negative outcome of peer victimization is depression. Furthermore, research supports the fact that social support and rumination separately mediate the association between victimization and depression. Social support is negatively associated with depressive symptoms and rumination is positively associated with depressive symptoms after being victimized by peers. Of the limited research examining rumination and social support, it has been found rumination is negatively associated with perceived social support. The current study aimed to investigate rumination and perceived social support together as mediators of the association between peer victimization and depression symptoms. Data were collected with a sample of 847 middle school students using self-report measures to examine the prediction that peer victimization is positively associated with depression symptoms through rumination and social support together, where rumination is negatively associated with perceived social support. This model was tested for both classmate social support and parent social support. Results indicated that rumination and social support (from parents and classmates) are negatively correlated. Additionally, rumination and social support (from both parents and classmates) serially mediated the positive association of victimization and depression symptoms. Implications will be discussed to inform future research and current practices.


Advisors: Michelle K. Demaray.||Committee members: Christine K. Malecki; Julia Ogg.||Includes bibliographical references.


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