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Iodine--Isotopes; Thyroid gland


The introduction of isotopic tracers into biochemistry and physiology has mads possible a direct experimental approach to many types of problems which previously were in the province of the philosopher rather than the experimental scientist. The results obtained from experiments with the heavy stable and the radioactive isotopes of the elements of biological importance have brought about a revolution in the ways of thinking of investigators In these fields. The new technique has in turn given rise to its own specialized vocabulary, with which the student must become familiar for a clear understanding of the literature. Many of the early studies with isotopic tracers were of a descriptive nature rather than an analytical one. With increasing familiarity with the potentialities of the technique, the emphasis has been increasingly on the use of isotopes to elucidate mechanisms. This is particularly the case In investigations on intermediary metabolism. As a result of this type of experiment, new concepts have arisen and become firmly established, displacing the speculations of an earlier day. A brief account of the elements of nuclear physics and radioactivity and of the principles of measurement of both the heavy stable and the radioactive isotope has been included, for the sake of completeness. The purpose of this paper is to discuss the principles involved in the use of isotopic tracers, to describe therapeutic use of radioactive Iodine on the thyroid gland, and to evaluate its diagnostic applications.


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