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The author's main goal is to incorporate small, cast metal pieces, with much detail, to larger, welded sculptural forms. With this goal in mind, the writer hopes to encourage the close visual inspection of sculpture. Intensive historical research was done to trace the evolutionary steps of cast sculpture. The following methods of casting are discussed in this paper: cire perdue(lost wax), sand casting, cuttle-fish, gravity, centrifugal, and various methods and types of investments and investing. Results of early personal investigation in simple casting methods and sand and gravity investment molds are also discussed. The major portion of the text concerns itself with the development of two pieces of sculpture, Man in Forest and Pre-Family Group. Combining the information gained from the historical research with suggestions from professionals in the field, the author then discusses his casting procedures. The processes are graphically illustrated by detailed photographs. Presented are illustrations from the making of molds, the pouring of metals, down to the incorporation of the final cast pieces into other sculptural forms. Difficulty and ease of handling differing molten metals is also discussed. The problem of developing molds, fluxing agents, and joining are described. The need for and the designing of special tools is also covered. The author describes his apparent successes and failures. The final results of his experiments have been submitted to professional critics through photographs and direct viewing. Statements from them are included.


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