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Carnahan, Jon W.

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M.S. (Master of Science)

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Department of Chemistry


Microwave plasmas; Liquid chromatography


Due to the unique advantages of helium microwave-induced plasmas (He-MIP) as a non-metal atomic emission source, the development and application of a He-MIP system for high performance liquid chromatography detection was the subject of this study. A modified Finnigan MAT HPLC-MS moving band interface was employed to couple the HPLC system to the plasma emission source. At the heart of this transport- type interface is a thin polyimide band which acts to carry mobile phase through the interface and to the plasma source. Solvent removal is accomplished through an IR heater coupled with a vacuum chamber, leaving dry analyte on the moving band. The analyte is then transported to a vaporization chamber where desorption is accompanied by flash vaporization. The sample vapor is carried into the plasma by helium flow. Modifications to the interface, originally described in 1989 by L. Zhang of Northern Illinois University, were made in order to increase analyte transport efficiency into the plasma. Calibration plots and detection limits were obtained for various organic samples.


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