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Brigham, Robert J.

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Physical education and training; Physical fitness


The problem was developed to compare the amount of improvement in physical fitness that could be accomplished by a circuit training program in a ten week period three alternate days per week to the effect of a physical education calisthentic program of eighth grade boys. The subjects were fifty boys from two regular eighth grade physical education classes of the Franklin Park Main School in Franklin Park, Illinois. At the beginning of the experiment, the Indiana Physical Fitness Test for the Elementary Level was administered to each subject and the results were used to place the subjects in two equal groups. A calisthentic program and a circuit training program was developed to be used as 't" training programs for these two groups. Both groups were trained according to their program and after the training period, both groups were retested for physical fitness. Following the completion of the physical conditioning programs, the means of the two groups were computed and "t" tests were used to determine the significance of the difference between the means of tie groups. The "t" tests were also used to determine if any significant difference had occurred within the groups. Based upon the findings and within the limitations of this study, it was concluded that the circuit training program used in this study was not superior to the calisthentic training program for a ten week training period.


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