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Yankow, Henry G.||Novak, Ralph S.||Oosting, Bernard R.

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Purpose of Study: The purpose of this study is to determine what training courses, course content, and methods of presentation are being used in certain selected schools located in northern Illinois for the custodian employees of public schools. Procedure: Several school officials from twenty schools were interviewed in regard to the training courses, content and methods of presentation being performed in their schools. A check list with questions and provisions for comments was composed. Analysis of collected data revealed many training courses, course content and methods of presentation being conducted similarly by most schools. Relatively few differences became evident after the interviews were tabulated. Summary of Conclusions: Within the limits of this study, the following conclusions appear to be valid: 1. Inservice training programs are conducted in both large and small schools. 2. Any good instructor can teach inservice programs. 3. Host schools have orientation and inservice programs. 4. Workshop programs and on-the-job training performed during the day shift were the most popular programs. 5. Course content is similar in most schools. 6. Programs are usually one or two hours in length, given as needed and not at any prescheduled time. 7. Finding time, money, and someone to organize the program are the most difficult problems. 8. Most officials believe there are many benefits from conducting inservice training programs. Recommendations: The study of inservice training practices of certain selected school systems, as presented in this investigation, indicates rather definitely the need for certain recommendations: 1. All phases of custodial training should be under the control of one administrator. 2. Job orientation training should be included in the first phases of employment. 3. Inservice training programs should be organized to accommodate the trainee custodian as soon as he is hired. 4. Inservice training programs should be held for regular employees and supervisors from time to time. 5. Custodial meetings should be scheduled periodically and the agenda should include time for informal discussions, demonstrations and social activities.


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