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Parham, Ellen S.

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M.S. (Master of Science)

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Department of Human and Family Resources


Diet--Illinois; Food habits--Illinois; Convenience foods


In a sample population of 246 Illinois Dietetic Association members, their use of convenience food and the factors affecting their use were determined. Subjects received food frequency forms to estimate their use of various categories of convenience foods per month and a questionnaire assessing work status, household composition and other demographic information. The convenience foods used most frequently were breads/bakery and gravies/sauces. Dietetic association members used convenience foods from 3 to 240 times a month The mean monthly use of convenience foods was 64.6. The following factors were found to significantly influence the use of convenience foods: the extent of cooking responsibilities, enjoyment of cooking, and taste preferences for homemade cooking. Those who purchased the food they liked without considering the cost were more likely to use convenience foods. Age, work status, household composition and the nutritional value of convenience foods did not affect the use of convenience foods in this study. Thus, the use of convenience foods was related more to cooking roles and attitudes than to demographic factors. This study seems to show that despite the fact that these subjects are knowledgeable about nutrition, they still use convenience foods which are often thought of as less healthy due to their higher salt, sugar, fat, and calorie content.


Bibliography: pages [56]-60.


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