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Arnold, Richard L., 1928-||Dewey, Walter S.

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M.A. (Master of Arts)

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Drama in education


While the educational values of theatre in the secondary school have been examined, explained, and defended at length in various journals and books, and while much adventurous groundwork has been discussed in the realm of physical facilities for these programs, the fact remains that little serious effort has been exerted to investigate the form of school theatre facilities as it relates to function and to base this consideration of function on a philosophy of theatre education related to a whole secondary educational system. This study attempts to examine aims and purposes of a theatre arts program. It also attempts to determine how the dramatic arts program can best serve these aims and provide the physical facilities that are desirable for achieving the purposes of the described program. It is obvious that there is no one standardized solution to the problems of providing a functional theatre arts facility for the secondary school. The definition of aims and means of general education in secondary school education that are described here, however, gives direction and focus to this particular kind of theatre arts program to validate some observations regarding necessary facilities. Using this list of necessary teaching goals as a guide, the paper attempts to describe in words and drawings a satisfactory secondary school theatre arts teaching facility. The purpose of the design is to reveal one possible architectural solution in order to illustrate the principles of a theatre arts education as outlined in the paper. The value of the study lies in its clarification of what theatre design can and should do to be of value to a secondary educational system and in its effort to focus attention on the theatre arts facility as an organic and functional environment for a purposeful and creative theatre education.


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