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Abdel-Motaleb, Ibrahim Mohamed, 1954-

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M.S. (Master of Science)

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Department of Electrical Engineering


COMSOL Multiphysics; Electrical engineering; Metal oxide semiconductor field-effect transistors; Silicon-carbide thin films; Silicon carbide; Semiconductors


Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Field Effect transistor (MOSFET) has undergone scaling to improve performance, and it is presently at the sub-100nm technology node. Further performance improvement will require the use of new materials and novel device structures such as vertical gate devices. Silicon Carbide (SiC) semiconductor can provide superior properties such as high thermal conductivity, higher breakdown voltage, and high saturation velocity due to its wide band gap property. This makes it as an ideal choice for high frequency, high-temperature, high-power and high radiation applications. To utilize many of the advantages SiC vertical MOSFET structures was developed and its performance was evaluated using Atlas and COMSOL.;In this work we concentrated on 3C-SiC/Si vertical MOSFET. Silvaco Atlas software was used for analyzing the DC characteristics, the threshold voltage, the breakdown voltage and the electric field of the device. COMSOL software was used for analyzing the temperature of designed device. Using the analysis from Silvaco atlas, it was observed that these devices can deliver double the current while occupying less than the 33% of the substrate area of the lateral device with the same gate length and width. With the high thermal conductivity, the low fabrication cost due to using Si wafers, and the high breakdown voltage, it can be argued that the device is an excellent candidate for high power devices.


Advisors: Ibrahim Abdel-Motaleb.||Committee members: Veysel Demir; Donald S. Zinger.


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Northern Illinois University

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