Udenna Okafor

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Pohlman, Nicholas A.

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M.S. (Master of Science)

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Department of Mechanical Engineering


Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory; Mechanical engineering; High energy physics; Engineering; Muons--Research; Electrons--Research; Particle accelerators--Safety measures--Research


All technological advancements come about by exploration of ideas through research. Fermi National Accelerator Lab is actively participating by conducting the high energy particle physics experiment "Muons to Electrons" (Mu2e). In this experiment, scientists within the Mu2e collaboration will try to understand the relationship between two particles, the Muon and its subsequent conversion into the lighter mass electron without any additional neutrinos. To do this, a high intensity muon beam will be generated and then transported to the Detection Solenoid (DS). The Muon Beam Stop (MBS) is the last component within the bore of the detection solenoid. The MBS will be assembled onto a rail system within the DS bore. Additional structures capable of effectively transporting and supporting the MBS weight during installation, alignment and testing are necessary. The structures will need to accurately position the components to meet the experiment's general tolerance of +/-2mm. The designed structures must effectively hold up the MBS for the life of the experiment and absorb deflections from the ground during the installation. To effectively transport and support the MBS, two separate joint structures were designed for each end of the MBS and each will ride on two separate surfaces. The leading-end into the DS Bore has a large spherical joint capable of rotation in all directions while the back end allows for rotation as a result of floor deflections. The structures have both been analyzed using ANSYS and they satisfy safety requirements with a safety factor larger than 4.0 while adhering to the positional tolerance of +/-2mm. Design drawings have been prepared and have also been approved for fabrication by the Beamline engineering group of the Mu2e Experiment.


Advisors: Nicholas Pohlman.||Committee members: Jen-Terng Gau; David Hedin.


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