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The subject of academic achievement is of major importance to parents, teachers, and administrators. Parents often ask teachers, "What’s the matter with Johnny?” and, "How can I help ray boy get better grades?". Teachers are bewildered by students whose work is unsatisfactory and who seem disinterested or lazy. Administrators are confounded by a sizable group of students who apparently have good intellectual equipment but do not perform academically at or near their capacity. This group usually is called the under-achievers. With the possible exception of the disciplinary problems, no group, not even the gifted, receive more attention, abuse, cajolory, and rejection than the under-achievers. There is a companion group that is of special interest to the educational psychologist. These, for want of a better name, are usually referred to as the over-achievers. This group consists of students with modest I.Q.'s who consistently perform at an academic level surpassing that which is expected of them. These become the teacher’s darlings, viewed with pride, pointed to as a fitting example to emulate.


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