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Powell, Jon T.

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Television in education--Sweden; Television in education--Illinois--Chicago; Radio in education--Sweden


In recent years the concept of continuing adult education is gaining favor in many countries as a replacement for terminal forms of youth education. This concept is based on the belief that education is a continuing process that extends throughout the lifetime of the individual. Broadcasting is increasingly used in many systems of continuing education as a way of extending the reach of this service. This study is motivated by the need to understand the function of broadcasting in continuing education. It is an investigation and comparison of adult educational broadcasting in Sweden and Chicago. Three representative courses were selected from the offerings of Sweden's Committee for Television and Radio in Education. They are compared with three broadcast courses from the Chicago TV College for differences of purpose, programming and research. The major differences of the comparison show that Chicago TV College has limited its purpose to junior college credit education courses and its media selection to the use of television. The Swedish Committee has covered a variety of purposes and used various media to achieve its educational objectives. Comparisons of decision making within the two broadcast education organizations show that Sweden's Committee makes decisions based on educational needs, while the TV College has made decisions based on pre-selection of purpose and media. These differences are believed to be partly responsible for a greater participation rate and larger audiences for adult broadcast education in Sweden.


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