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Krause, Brigitte (Professor of physics)

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M.S. (Master of Science)

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Department of Physics


Organogold compounds; Organobromine compounds; X-ray crystallography; Organonitrogen compounds


X-ray diffraction data were used to determine the crystal structure of tetra-n-butylammonium tetrabromoaurate(III), C₁₆B₃₆AuBr₄N or [Bu₄N]⁺[AuBr₄]⁻. The compound crystallizes in a tetragonal lattice array with Laue symmetry 4/m. Lattice constants used in the structure refinement are a=12.142(2) Å and c=8.513(1) Å. Two formula units are contained in a unit cell of volume U=1255 ų ; the calculated and experimental densities are 2.01 and 2.03(2) gcm⁻³, respectively. The space group is believed to be P4̅, with atom parameters that are almost related by the higher symmetry of P4/n. Because of the large parameter correlation between atoms which are independent in P4̅ but nearly related by P4/n symmetry, the structure was refined in space group P4/n. The [AuBr₄]⁻ anions are square planar and lie in planes perpendicular to [001]; the Au-Br bond distance is 2.404(1) Å. The [Bu₄N]⁺ cations are disordered: they pack in two alternative 4 orientations, both having idealized point symmetry 4̅. Bond distances and angles in the cation are reported. The final R value was 0.092 for 1450 diffractometer reflections.


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