Krishna Ticku

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Mehta, Sudha Wadhwa

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M.S. (Master of Science)

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Hair; Copper--Physiological effect; Zinc--Physiological effect; Blood cholesterol; Blood--Analysis


The purpose of this study was to seek correlations between serum cholesterol and metal levels (copper and zinc) in serum and hair of adult Caucasian females. Thirty-three females, 18 - 25 years of age participated in this study only after informed consent and health history data were obtained from each of the subjects. In the replicate samples of serum and hair, collected one week apart, copper and zinc were estimated by atomic absorption spectrophotometry and serum cholesterol by spectrophotometric methods, respectively. Statistical analysis of the data did not show significant differences between the replicate samples of serum or hair for the above parameters. Serum zinc and hair zinc concentrations exhibited significant positive correlation with each other in the entire group of subjects and in the subjects with diabetes and family history of diabetes while this correlation was missing in the normal subgroup of subjects. No significant correlation was found between serum cholesterol levels and the metal levels of either serum or hair when all the subjects were treated as a group or separately as subgroup of normal subjects and subjects with diabetes and family history of diabetes. Thus the results of this study suggest that the metal levels (copper and zinc) of serum or hair may not be used to predict serum cholesterol levels in healthy subjects.


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