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Woo, Peng-Yung

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M.S. (Master of Science)

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Department of Electrical Engineering


Manipulators (Mechanism); Robots--Control systems; Robotics; Robots; Industrial


The research of coordinated motion control of two manipulators is highly interesting because of the potential applications in assembly as well as in the handling of large and heavy objects beyond the capacity of a single arm. The main problem in controlling such a system is to coordinate all manipulators such that they work in a cooperative way. The research in this thesis proposes a general approach to the cooperative position control system design of two robotic manipulators working together. The concepts of external linearization and output decoupling are used in this design procedure. The whole manipulator system is put in the state space form after external linearization and output decoupling. I used the improved I- PD control structure and the Bessel prototype to locate the poles and the zeros of the system output to meet some requirements suggested for the system controller design. The appropriate input signals have been generated by a design of the coordinator to make the system meet other suggested requirements. The system performance has been evaluated by the simulation. Some kinds of possible disturbance in the real working environment have been considered during the system simulation.


Includes bibliographical references (pages [89]-91)


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Northern Illinois University

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