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Martin, Stephen P. (Professor)||Estrada, Juan

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M.S. (Master of Science)

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Department of Physics


Neutrinos; Dark matter (Astronomy); Particles (Nuclear physics)


The DaMIC (Dark Matter in CCDs) experiment searches for dark matter particles using charge coupled devices (CCDs) operated at a low detection threshold of ~40 eV electron equivalent energy (eVee). A multiplexor board is tested for DAMIC100+ which has the ability to control up to 16 CCDs at one time allowing for the selection of a single CCD for readout while leaving all others static and maintaining sub-electron noise. A dark matter limit is produced using the results of physics data taken with the DAMIC experiment. Next, the contribution from neutrino-nucleus coherent scattering is investigated using data from the Coherent Neutrino Nucleus Interaction Experiment (CONνIE) using the same CCD technology. The results are used to explore the performance of CCD detectors that ultimately will limit the ability to differentiate incident solar and atmospheric neutrinos from dark matter particles.


Advisors: Stephen Martin.||Committee members: Juan Estrada; Yasuo Ito.||Includes bibliographical references.||Includes illustrations.


xiii, 97 pages




Northern Illinois University

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