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Fleisher, Robert Jay, 1953-

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M. Mus. (Master of Music)

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School of Music


Brass quartets (Trombones (4))


COMPOSITE is a one-movement work scored for tenor trombone quartet. As the title indicates, the main focus of this piece is the sum total of the four parts. The composite line is created by superimposing a canonic pattern consisting of sixteen eighth notes on a twelve-eight meter. The result of this superimposition, after all parts have entered, is a steady stream of eighth notes with no simultaneous attacks. So, in effect, the composite line ends up being three times faster than what the individual parts are playing. This technique coupled with the indicated tempo ( J. - MM 160) should create a texture in which the individual lines are indistinguishable and blend into one composite line. To further heighten the composite line, the plunger mute is used throughout. The plunger mute enables the player to quickly produce two distinct timbral entities. The principal manner in which the mute is used is for the sake of subdividing the dotted quarter note beat into one eighth note open, one quarter note closed. This should not only bring f the composite line to the foreground but also create an unusual timbral texture. It is hoped that the main features of the composition -- the composite line concept, the plunger mute timbre, and the speed at which it is played -- will make COMPOSITE a valuable addition to the repertoire for trombone quartet; and that it will provide an opportunity for many audiences to hear the trombone utilized in an interesting and unique manner.


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