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Rosenbaum, Alan

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Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy)

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Department of Psychology


Violent offenders--Psychology; Gang members--Psychology; Criminal behavior; Prediction of; Violence in adolescence--Psychological aspects; Time perspective--Psychological aspects


Research suggests there are various types of violent offenders, but little research has explored how factors linked to violence perpetration, such as childhood variables and future time perspective, may distinguish between offenders. These factors have also been linked to gang membership, but again, little research has explored how they distinguish between gang members and non-gang members. The current study investigated how delinquency, academic attainment, parents' criminal histories, relationship with parents, and future time perspective may differentiate between the different subtypes of violent offenders as well as differentiate gang members from non-gang members. This study employed archival data from a sample of 200 men sentenced to a term of probation. Multiple logistic regression was used to examine the relationships between the variables of interest and offender subtype (family only, non-family only, generally violent). Multiple logistic regression was also used to examine the relationship between the predictor variables and gang membership. Results suggested delinquency during childhood played a role in distinguishing gang members from non-gang members. There were no other significant associations between childhood predictor variables and perpetrator subtype or gang membership. Findings underscore the importance of developing interventions for gang involvement that focus on preventing criminal activity at an early age (i.e., delinquent behavior). Results also emphasize the need for future research to explore other variables that may better predict violence perpetration and gang involvement, such as substance use and problem-solving abilities.


Advisors: Alan Rosenbaum.||Committee members: Julie Crouch; Fred Markowitz; Laura Pittman; Elizabeth Shelleby; Karen White.


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